This project was delivered to 2 youth organisations and social enterprises; CO1 and go4enterprises

The main deliverable was to work with the staff and visitors of CO1 youth organisation to create site specific artwork, based in Holy Trinity Church, the Head Office and cafe.
Holy Trinity Church is the oldest building in Colchester. Colchester is the oldest recorded town in England. To revisit the history of the building, the youth groups and staff of CO1 decided the most suitable artwork would be a representation of the original stained glass windows that were destroyed decades ago. Using old photos and illustrations, imagery was taken out of context and placed together on sheets of acrylic to create 8 separate removable panels to be placed inside the church.

The photographs below show the development, along with the final artwork. The two long panels measure 8ft by 2ft each and are placed as a centre piece either side of the original window.

Go4enterprises took over the site and commissioned another set of panels to match those provided to CO1.

Go4enterprises support, work and training to young people and now occupy the Holy Trinity Church, in Colchester.
All the panels are available to view as the Church is an indoor market, functioning cafe as well as a work and training environment for young people.

Please check out and if you're in the Essex area, visit the HQ!

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